Measuring Urbanity

International Seminar & Workshop

Lisbon, May 7th-12th, 2012

FAUTL - Faculty of Architecture
Technical University of Lisbon


Measuring Urbanity:
Densities, networks and urban fabrics

The seminar aims at re-centering the debate of measuring urban form on the contemporary issues of designing, planning and regulating the extensive city. The objective is to discuss the importance of combined qualitative-quantitative approaches on the generation of new insights on the contemporary urban environment and planning strategies. [Read more]


City Induction:
Urban design with patterns and rules

The workshop focuses on a new method for urban design which is based on the use of patterns and design rules. The aim of the method is to facilitate dialogue between the different participants in the design process and enable the developmetn of flexible urban plans. It is opened to anyone interested in developing advanced skills in parametric urban design. [Read more]